Bolt Action Campaigning. The Advance On Stalingrad. A Bloody Nose At Keenanskiya

Eastern Front mini campaign 1. Case Blue: Advance across the Steppe 

     We're still campaigning with Bolt Action but this time it's the Eastern Front 1942. Moving on from the very enjoyable Normandy campaigns we have more ambitious plans

      So what's the plan? Well, we plan (hope) to fight four mini campaigns based on the Battle of Stalingrad; these are;

Campaign 1. Advance On Stalingrad; Set during the late summer and early autumn of 1942, most of these battles will take place on the Steppes and in small towns therein.

Campaign 2: Wehrmacht in the Ascendant: The early part of the actual Stalingrad battles with the Soviets on the back foot and the Germans on the offensive.

Campaign 3: Soviet Start Rising: With their troops fought to a standstill, their lines of supply over extended and frozen the Germans forces are on the defensive as the Soviets grind them down in ever more embittered street fighting

Campaign 4: The Corridor. As the trapped 6th Army including the tr…

Does This Blog Have An Appendix?

Does this blog have an appendix? No, but then neither have I! Last Tuesday, my appendix, which I had raised and nurtured these last 54 years decided it had had enough of me, my high living and dissolute ways and it let me know of it's discontent in no uncertain terms.
       So, a quick visit to my GP saw me packed off to the hospital and, later that day, to end their shift on a positive note, a crack NHS surgical team, did the honourable thing and granted my appendix it's wish. And that, as they say, was that.
      Excepting that it wasn't. I was now faced with six weeks sick leave....oh boo.....NOT!! Six weeks sick leave/painting/terrain building/gaming....yippee!
       But what to paint and where to start? Okay, it was easy enough to know where to start; crack on with what I had on the painting station already. Right!
      Well no; with time on my hands, I could be more focused (Ha, right!) Even though I was on sick leave I still had priorities that I had to...erm...…